Cool Head Instant Refillable Water Beach Cooling Pillow Built-in Nozzle - Blue

  • Refillable water pillow; built-in nozzle
  • Keeps you cool when the sun is hot
  • Provides instant relief from the heat and sun!
  • Color: Blue


This is the coolest thing to hit the beach since the surfboard. This product is sure to revolutionize the way you spend your time on the beach. The beach can be so much fun, but sometimes the hot sun can be draining. Oftentimes not even a shaded umbrella can give you enough relief. That is where the Cool Head Refillable Water Pillow comes to the rescue! Simply fill up the pillow with cool water, you can even keep it in a cooler! When the sun and heat really start to take a toll, rest your head right on this pillow and let the coolness relieve you. It's the fastest and easiest way to get comfortable and stay cool while you soak up the sun. Your head is going to thank you!


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