11" Ceiling Light With White Diffuser (White Finish)

  • Gives off the perfect amount of light in any room
  • Features a smooth white diffuser + white finish
  • Adds an ambiance of relaxation and luxury


11" Ceiling Light With White Diffuser (White Finish).

This elegant ceiling mount light fixture comes with a white diffuser and a matching white finish. This classic design will offer your room a toasty and inviting ambiance. This beautiful white fixture is ideal for use in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and bedrooms. Reveal the unconscious elegance of this tasteful ceiling light. The white diffuser and matching white finish can add luxury to any space in your home. For this fixture, it is recommended you use Philips energy-efficient halogen EcoVantage, Philips energy efficient CFLs, or energy efficient LEDs. Easy installation for convenient and timely setup; this requires hardwire installation.


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