(2 Pack) 24 Hook JOY Mangano Hanging Organizer (Gold Hook, Lavendar)

  • Ultra-slim closet organizer- save space!
  • Velvet coating- completely non-slip
  • Suitable for hanging scarves, ties, & belts
  • 24 hooks and 6 built-in bars
  • Aids in keeping your closet neat and organized


Organize your clothes with an amazing 24-hook hanging organizer created by Joy Mangano. This special hanger was specially created for hanging multiple ties, belts, scarves, and more! The hanger has 24 hooks, and 6 built-in bars for convenience and a lot of space! Not only does it come an attractive color but it is also ultra-slim (only ¼” thick) and lightweight, and will help you save space in your closet. They are extra durable and can withstand the weight of multiple articles of clothing. Furthermore, they have a VELVET surface, creating a non-slip surface so you will not be picking up your slipper scarves and ties off the floor! Also, they are Colorfast, perfect for hanging wet garments to dry that cannot be dried in a dryer. JOY Huggable hangers will help you keep your wardrobe nice and neat, and will allow you to enjoy the peace of mind an organized closet can bring.


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