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(3 Pack) L'Anza Keratin Healing Oil Cleansing Cream 3.4 oz

Makes hair exceptionally smooth and glossy. Keratin Healing System instantly heals, seals and protects, effectively smoothing the hair to stop frizz, while adding a brilliant shine. Organic Coax Seed calms curls and waves for super smooth looks. Hair glows with a healthy, lustrous radiance. Daily conditioner leaves hair sleek & silky without weight. Improves manageability & flexibility. Keratin Healing Oil contains an exceptional fusion of Next Generation Keratin Protein and the Phyto IV Complex to effectively heal all types of damaged hair. These luxurious formulas transform hair into beautiful, lustrous locks while delivering optimal strength and shine. The result is the healthiest hair possible, unmatched by any other luxury haircare collections. The Phyto IV Complex is a proprietary blend of four unique wildcrafted plant oils that deliver unprecedented health and shine to all hair types. This restorative mix of botanical oils moisturize and nourish dry, stressed hair without weight, greasiness or residue. Phyto IV Complex delivers an ideal essential fatty acid ratio of 3:1, making it superior to all other oils. It has excellent stability, will not harden on the hair and remains clear so hair color shines through with ultimate brilliance. Argan oil, on the other hand, has an imbalanced essential fatty acid ratio of 73:1. This causes it to oxidize and harden on the hair over time, making it difficult to wash out. It also damages hair cuticles, turns dark and obstructs hair color over time. Abyssinian Flower Oil Adds luster and sheen to hair. Improves hair softness. Provides light detangling. Adds absolutely heavenly natural fragrance to the hair. Acai Fruit Oil Packed with antioxidants to heal the hair with vitamin C, B1, B2 and B3. Phytosterols reduce friction and prevent damage such as split ends. Provides a silky feel to the hair. Coffee Seed Oil Rich in antioxidants, this seed’s oil provides natural UV and pollution protection. Natural ceramides improve hair’s flexibility. Babassu Kernal Oil Contains lightweight emollients to soften and moisturize hair. This deep-penetrating oil does not leave a heavy residue. Improves hair’s elasticity. Keratin Healing Oil Cleansing Cream Lather-free cleanser gently refreshes hair Great alternative to traditional lathering shampoos Formulated for those who want to skip a day (or two) from traditional shampooing Purifies hair without removing natural oils Fortifies & heals hair with protein & nutrients


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