3-Piece Static Duster Set

  • (1) large static duster
  • (1) extension pole
  • (1) mini duster
  • flexible


Home Innovations brings you the Three (3) Piece Static Duster, a new way to tackle your old dust.  This innovative static duster uses the magical power of static electricity to get the dust to cling to the duster instead of just pushing it around. How it Works – Brush the Static Duster across a TV screen, or rub it against a plastic bag and the fibers become electrically charged. Once charged, the duster effectively transforms into a dust, lint and debris magnet instead of just scattering it around or dispersing it into the air like cloths, rags or regular dusters do.  When you’re done dusting, shake it over a trashcan to release all of the dust you have collected.  If your static duster is really dirty, clean with mild soap and water in your sink.  Use the duster to clean furniture, blinds, computer keyboards, televisions, collectibles, plants and more. The dust, dirt, hair and micro particles are lifted off the surface and pulled into the duster with very little effort.  Our static duster set includes (1) large static duster, (1) extension pole, and (1) mini duster.

    Use the large duster on mini blinds to clean several at a time, front and back. Attach to the extension pole to reach high shelving, wall art, cobwebs and more. Bend the duster to a right angle and clean fan blades, picture frames, and plant ledges. Use the small duster to clean keyboards on computers, or dust figurines in your china cabinet. Safe for any surface type. Will never scratch, leave marks, or drop lint


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