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ArmoGear Kids Toy Sword Battle Electronic Game

Get ready for mighty fencing duels with Sword Battle: the interactive 2-player action game. Improve your sword fighting skills and work your way from beginner to BOSS! Geared for all ages and stages, Sword Battle is sure to thrill and entertain anyone that gets challenged to a fencing match. PLAY TO LEARN Sword Battle gives children a creative outlet for their energy while building skills and strength on every level – physical, mental and emotional. INTELLIGENT SCORE TRACKER No referee needed! While you lunge & parry, these high-tech toy swords take note of wins and losses each time a sword touches the opponent’s body. ELECTRIFYING SOUND EFFECTS Realistic knife-clashing sounds and verbal cues (you’ve been hit!) add a unique dimension to the game. FLASHING LED LIGHTS Each sword features five LEDs on the blade - every time a player gets hit, one light goes out until the game is over! CHILD-FRIENDLY BLADES Featuring 15” plastic blades that are soft to the touch while maintaining their shape thanks to a stiff inner plastic core, these play swords will never hurt, bruise, or cut skin. 100% SAFETY CERTIFIED This toy operates on low-frequency radio technology that’s completely safe for children and adults to use, and complies with all federal & state safety requirements. TRUSTED ARMOGEAR QUALITY While manufacturing we place a strong emphasis on strength and durability so you can enjoy our toys year after year. Buy ArmoGear to experience the quality difference! GREAT GIFT IDEA Blow their minds with an extraordinary Christmas, birthday, or just-because gift! Kids, teens and adults will fall head over heels for this high-tech action game.​


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