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As Seen On TV - Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener by BulbHead

Sharpens Dull Knives in Seconds Kitchen knives are expensive. Just because your old knives are dull doesn’t mean you need to toss them in the trash. Give your knives a makeover and restore them to their former glory using Bavarian Edge kitchen knife sharpener. The professional and portable design works on all types of knife blades, unlike a standard electric knife sharpener or sharpening steel that only accommodates a couple of different blade types Contours to Your Blade’s Shape Fixed edge sharpeners grind-down and destroy your knives. What if your knife sharpener could contour to your blades edge and eliminate the need to purchase specialty sharpeners? Bavarian Edge replaces your Japanese sharpening stone, water sharpening, stone, and knife sharpening block. Thanks to the two independent spring-action arms made from ultra-hard tungsten carbide, Bavarian Edge flexes and contours to any blade or angle. Ceramic blades are not recommended to be used with Bavarian Edge. Sharpen, Hone, & Polish Bavarian Edge sharpens your kitchen knives in seconds! Bavarian Edge also hones knives, the process which burnishes out deformities in and realigns the blade. Single-Beveled Japanese Blades Bavarian Edge sharpens your Japanese blades in seconds. Just pass your blade through Bavarian Edge on a 35-degree angle. It's that easy! Use on All Your Knives Bavarian Edge sharpens the following types of knives: * Japanese knives * Chef knives * Serrated knives * Boning knives * Paring knives * Cleavers * And so much more


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