As Seen On TV Gardeners Choice Giant Tomato Tree Growing Kit Easy to Plant - New

  • Comes with 6- pre-seeded biodegradable pots
  • Grow up to 60 lbs of tomatoes in just 90 days
  • Grows up to 8 feet tall!


Tomatoes come in pre-seeded professional nursery biodegradable starter pots! Grow juicy, farm-fresh tomatoes at home! Grow bushels of tomatoes the size of grapefruits! Grows up to 8 feet tall in just 90 days! Each plant yields up to 60 lbs of extra-large tomatoes. Imagine growing tomatoes as big as grapefruits...20 slices from a single tomato. Or how about 60 lbs of tomatoes from one plant? Introducing the Giant Tree Tomato from Gardeners Choice. Your Tree Tomato will be loaded down with more tomatoes in just one week than most plants produce in an entire season. They will produce up to 60 pounds of super-size tomatoes for less than a penny a piece. Plus you will get the Big Early hybrid tomatoes. These big early tomatoes yield juicy, red, ripe jumbo tomatoes earlier in the season.


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