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Atomic Lighter by BulbHead - Rechargeable Electric Lighter, As Seen On Tv

The Lighter That’s Atomic Tough Rinky dink plastic lighters break under pressure. Other metal lighters are a pain to fill with fuel. You need Atomic Lighter, the lighter that’s atomic tough. Constructed with a rugged black metal casing, it has a non-slip grip so you can use it any time, any place. Atomic Lighter is fuel-free, flint-free, and flame-free. It’s fully rechargeable so you always have a lighter ready to use. Atomic Lighter can take tough punishment. The compact size takes up minimal space. Take it along camping, hiking, or carry it on you so you’re always ready for an emergency. Atomic Lighter is perfect for backyard BBQs to lighting fireworks! The Atomic Beam Family brings you best-selling tactical gadgets for everyday use. Try our line of the brightest tactical and weather-resistant flashlights, like Atomic Beam USA, Atomic Beam Headlight, and Atomic Beam Glove. Rechargeable When you use Atomic Lighter, there’s no worrying about refilling your lighter with butane or gas. It’s an electric lighter and it’s fully rechargeable! Just plug in the included micro USB cable to charge. Atomic Lighter is ready to go whenever you are. An ON/OFF switch on the bottom of the lighter allows you to conserve power. Turn on prior to lighting an object, turn off when stashing in your bag or kit. An indicator light next to the ON/OFF switch alerts you when your Atomic Lighter is low on power and it’s time for a recharge. Flint-less, Flameless, Windproof Atomic Lighter is a flint-less, flameless lighter. Remember struggling with a rolling flint that won’t light? You don’t have to worry about that with Atomic Lighter. There’s no flame either. Whether you’re braving a windy day or it started raining on your picnic, Atomic Lighter lights. It’s windproof and weather-resistant. Atomic Lighter won’t blow out! It’s the lighter that lights the first time, every time. Lightning Bolt Technology Atomic Lighter harnesses the power of Lightning Bolt Technology. Pressing the button produces dual electric arcs. These electric arcs generate a lot of power, which is much hotter than an open flame, so it creates fire fast. Just press the button and it lights the first time, every time. As a safety precaution, Atomic Lighter will automatically stop its electric current if the button is pressed longer than 8 seconds.


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