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Baby Doppler MiniMax Digital Baby Scale Set, Growth Chart for Infants

A baby’s growth is generally monitored by pediatricians, health care providers and parents using a baby scale and measuring tape. This allows them to follow a child’s growth over time. The World Health Organization has constructed a growth curve chart by observing a large number of normal children over time. The height, weight and head circumference of a child can be compared to the expected parameters of children of the same age and sex to determine whether the child is growing appropriately. When a child deviates drastically from the standard growth chart established by the WHO, investigation into the cause is generally warranted. With the Minimax Digital Baby Scale from Baby Doppler you can now track your baby's growth progress. Purchasing the right baby scale is easy. Accuracy and reliability are the utmost factors to consider when purchasing a baby scale. If you want to track your baby's growth rate at home, the Minimax Digital Baby Scale will provide the accuracy and reliability you need. With enhanced precision technology and a backlit lcd screen the Minimax Digital Baby Scale outweighs the competition. High Precision Sensors provide accurate and consistent measurements Clear Display Technology along with a backlit LCD screen allows for increased visibility event in dark environments Maximum Weight: 44 LBS (20kg) Measuring tape, batteries and growth chart included Precision Baby Instruments from Baby Doppler


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