Big B Pro Sports Hurdles Speed & Agility Training Set Orange

Big B Pro Sports has assembled the ultimate budget-friendly exercise, drill and agility training equipment set for anyone looking to increase their agility, speed, and overall fitness performance. It's great for Football, Soccer & Basketball and other spring, summer or fall sports. Looking for the best soccer coaching equipment, football training equipment, or athletic training kit? Customize your drills with our premium ladder agility ladder set with all you need to train. Built to help your team with speed and agility for sports like football, soccer, basketball, hockey, track and lacrosse, included in this speed and agility training kit and soccer ladder. Comes with an on-the-go bag for portability and easy storage. Workout at home or anywhere with this great workout ladder. Try CrossFit and even Yoga or Pilates. Coaching your kids or a whole team! Whatever you need, we got it!
  • CHAMPION QUALITY: This kit orange will get you fitter, faster, and stronger. Designed with high-quality materials, this premium set is built to get you through rigorous workouts and enhance your athleticism. Achieve new levels of agility and speed with fast footwork circuits and plyometric movements. Set up challenging training configurations with 4 adjustable ABS plastic hurdles and 20 lightweight, flexible training cones that will help with any number of drills and activities.
  • READY TO GO: Everything in this kit comes ready-to-go with superfast set-up so you don’t have to waste a minute. Not only does all the equipment fit into a carry bag, our hurdles come with a carrying strap and our cones come with a holder if you ever need to transport them individually. The agility ladder has sturdy rungs and won’t get tangled, so that you can have it out in an instant. Spend less time setting up and more time getting better at what you do.

  • EXPLOSIVE POTENTIAL: Our improved running parachute design creates strong wind resistance, making it highly effective at leveling up your sprint speed. Put those fast-twitch muscle fibres to work and achieve maximum explosiveness to leave all of your opponents in the dust. The secure, adjustable belt stays fastened to your waist in one click and is adjustable up to 42 inches. Dominate any sport or competition whether it's soccer, tennis, american football, a track and field event or other!

  • THE COMPLETE PACKAGE: This speed and agility kit has everything you need to become a dominant athlete. The jump rope will help you build cardiovascular endurance so you can outperform your competition when it counts. 5 resistance bands ranging from light to heavy will open your training possibilities up even further. Work muscles that are essential to ensuring a good performance on the field, court, mound or track. A zippered carry bag allows you to take all of this equipment with you with ease.

  • LEADERS IN ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT: The team at Big B Pro Sports cares about customers more than anything. This is what drives us in our mission to be the leaders in speed and agility training equipment in the United States and beyond. We stand by a no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee, so take your training to the next level today with the Big B Speed & Agility Training Set!


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