Certifect Long Distance Flying Disc Frisbee- Dog Chew Toy (Purple)

  • Made from extremely durable rubber
  • Easy to throw long distances
  • Perfect to small to medium sized dogs


There is nothing more fun than taking your dog to the park and playing a fun game of catch! But with regular tennis balls, they tend to get dirty and soggy when dogs are catching them. The solution to this dilemma is simple: a Certifect Frisbee! These Frisbee’s are ideal for small to medium sized dogs and are intended to last for the long run because they are made from durable rubber that will not easily tear. This Frisbee measures approximately 12 inches across- it is the perfect large size for your dog to catch! This Frisbee will go long distances, and will definitely tire your dog out while creating fun for the two of you!


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