Coca-Cola Coke Soda Pop 2 Pc Set 16oz Afinity Fountain Glass/ Coca Cola Products

Other colas just do not have the same kind of class as Coke. Coca-Cola Classic is the kind of soda you can take to home to meet your parents, or to a fancy dinner party. You can take Coca Cola to your high school reunion to make you look like a successful entrepreneur. You can take the delicious soda to the opera and it will not let you down, but you can still take it with you to a pizza party and still expect the same level of class. This glassware perfectly translates that classiness into the perfect pieces to use in your kitchen!
This Coca Cola Affinity Glass is the classiest way to enjoy your soda! Each one can be filled with a full 16 oz. of your favorite carbonated beverage, but if you are less adventurous you can use them to drink water, juice or other liquids. They are perfect for Coke collectors or anyone who enjoys classy things.


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