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Copper Chef 4 pc Square Pan Set - 11" Frying Pan - 11" Chicken Fryer - 11" Tempered Glass Lid

DURABLE SQUARE FRYING PAN SET: 11 inch Copper Chef frying pan and 11” Chicken Fryer Pan are made of our best selling non-stick ceramic coating. Chicken Frying Pan with casserole handles lets you deep fry on your stovetop. High-sided deep pan for the best quality frying at home without the mess. Non stick surface is very slick, so food doesn't stick. Fry chicken, fish, steaks, bacon, eggs, omelets, and more. Unique square design gives you up to 60% more room to cook vs. ordinary round pans. COPPER CHEF FEATURES: Both square frying pans have stainless steel induction plates built directly into each saucepan for rapid, even heat that also helps preserve the pan plus gives extra durability – perfect for extended periods of cook time. Fry perfect, golden brown chicken; perfect your steak, vegetables, omelettes, pancakes and more. 100% dishwasher safe - cleanup is effortless. Includes Copper Chef recipe book by Chef Eric Theiss with easy recipes for these pans. NON-STICK BOTTOM: Both square skillets are coated with Ceramic Tech ceramic nonstick coating and will not oxidize or tarnish like traditional copper pans that need frequent polishing. Pans can be used on the stovetop, gas stove, electric stovetop, induction cooktop, and grill. There’s no need to add extra butter, grease, or oil if you are sautéing instead of frying. For added flavor, season the cooking surface with natural oils such as olive, canola, or peanut oil.
ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS: The CopperChef Square 11inch square fry pans will not oxidize or tarnish like traditional copper pans that need frequent polishing. They’re free of both PTFE & PFOA. Recommended use with non-metallic utensils made of wood, plastic, silicone, or bamboo.
OVEN SAFE: Each nonstick ceramic skillet is heat resistant up to 850 F allowing transition from stovetop to oven in one pan. Sear a steak or fry chicken, shrimp & more on your stovetop, then bake to your desired degree of doneness – all from the same pan. Sturdy helper handle on 11 inch fry pan and casserole handles on chicken fryer pan makes transporting your pans a cinch! Less cook time, less mess.


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