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Copper Fit Copper Infused Foot & Ankle Support Foot Relief 1 Ankle Sleeve Large 10"-12"

Copper Fit Foot Relief Compression Foot Sleeve is a contoured copper-infused compression garment of seamless woven construction that provides maximum foot comfort and support. Copper Fit Foot Relief helps in recovery from every day foot stresses, strains, aches and pains in the heel, arch, ankle and ball of the foot. Full graduated compression with additional zoned compression in the arch and ankle helps reduce foot and ankle swelling and provides relief from symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis. Made of a high quality breathable medium-weight woven material with a high-wicking composition, Copper Fit Foot Relief copper-infused Compression Foot Sleeve provides 4-way stretch for a 360 degree range of motion that helps you move more comfortably through your day. The natural properties of copper help protect the garment from odor causing bacteria and stains while the wicking property pulls sweat away from the skin. Compression garments have long been known for providing muscle and circulatory support. Some studies indicate athletes can run longer with less pain, and recover faster, and many athletes and celebrities swear by their compression sleeves - claiming they have more energy, their muscles work more efficiently, and they avoid injury while exercising. Whether you are an accomplished athlete or a person with an active lifestyle, Copper Fit copper-infused Foot Relief Compression Foot Sleeve may help prevent strain and fatigue by keeping your muscles warm. Copper Fit. Live Limitless. Suitable for Men and Women of all ages.


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