Corner Tape - Caulking Tape Guide To Get Perfect Beads and Joints,15'Roll-M 1/4" Bead

  • Professional caulking job done with ease
  • Exact thickness to attain the perfect bead of caul
  • 1 roll of caulk guiding tape 1 forming tool for a
  • Easy to use, tips and video links can be found on
  • XS for stones and marbles, S for kitchen counterto


CornerTape is a tool that ensures simple masking of corners before applying joint filler/silicone. The masking will be straight and parallel and the gap between the corner and the tape will be the same on both sides. The joint filler/silicone is then simply and cleanly applied in the set gap of the tape. Follow video links found on the package demonstrating how easy it is to get a perfect and professional caulking job done.


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