Culer Duet Portable Dual Port Flash Evaporative Air Cooler

  • Adjustable air ports-complete directional control
  • Three airflow speed settings
  • Runs for 8-10 hrs on 1 gallon of water
  • Lightweight construction, low voltage operation.
  • Lightweight, low voltage construction


The compact CULER DUET flash-evaporative air cooler naturally reduces the temperature of the projected airflow to provide directional cooling power for unparalleled portable, personal cooling anywhere you need it. CULER offers directional cooling power for portable, personal cooling wherever you need it, unlike fixed AC that uses chemical refrigerants to cool entire rooms and homes. Place the unit around three feet from you and do not block the cool breeze, as the maximum cooling effect is felt directly in the stream of airflow. Do not use in an enclosed space, as this will increase humidity/moisture. The temperature change of the airflow will vary depending on the temperature, humidity and other variables in your location. Do not overfill the water tank, as this may cause water to stream from the nozzles. CULER technology is housed in a product that is extremely reliable, durable, and simple to use —Proudly made in the USA. Re-Manufactured


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