Diesel with Foscarini - Smash Large Suspension Pendant Light H.78 UL, Rust

Diesel with Foscarini Smash Suspension Pendant Light H.78 UL, Rust (LI4171 52 U2) Smash is eye-catching at first glance thanks to its unprecedented shape that recalls a squashed bell: this visual effect has a strong industrial identity, which is emphasised by the special exterior finish and by the curled metal used to create the characteristic rim of the diffuser. Its special shape gives rise to various games involving perspective, depending on the position of both the observer and the lamp. Smash is available in two colours: rust, which recalls industrial settings, and grey, with a versatile and contemporary personality. In both colour versions, the interior is painted white to create a two-tone effect with the exterior finish and increase light diffusion, generating a warm and uniform effect.


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