Direct Link 7.75 Flex Straws Wrapped Qty 400 Pcs - Classic White Design

  • 400 white disposable straws per box
  • Wrapped for sanitation and individual use
  • Great for restaurants, concession stands, & more
  • Classic white design


Jumbo sized straws ideal for water, soda, and juice. Simply stick inside a cup through a lid and they are ready to be used. Classic white design, and securely wrapped for sanitation. Each package comes with 400 disposable plastic straws, perfect for restaurants, concession stands, amusement parks, and more! This is a great value. These straws feature flexible construction for versatility. These straws are the perfect choice for restaurant, concession stand, and cafeteria use! Each straw is 7.75 inches long- perfect for small and medium sized drinks.


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