Disguise Womens 'Wicked Witch' Halloween Costume, Purple/Black, 12-14

Includes spiderweb top, miniskirt with belt buckle, tights and witch hat. Break away from the traditional and stereotypical witch costume with this sassy number. No longer do you have to don a long, black, unflattering dress and dunce cap. This spellbinding set includes a sheer off-the-shoulder crop top made from spider-web-print fabric, a multilayered black-and-purple miniskirt with a large silver plastic buckle, a pair of black-and-purple striped tights, and a crooked but chic witch's hat made of comfortable foamy material. If you have the figure to wear this slinky outfit, you're bound to cast quite a spell on your Halloween date. One warning for the wicked: a stiff wind will show your stuff in an instant. --Melissa Wilson


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