Fitness Yoga Bundle- Yoga Socks, Soft Grip Weights,Yoga Mat, and Yoga bag

  • Soft Grip Weights
  • Yoga Mat, and Yoga bag
  • Yoga Socks



BCG Ombre Yoga Mat 4mm Thick Black/ White Easy to clean: Moisture resistant surface for easy cleaning Feather-light for portability:Light weight for easy mobility and storage Perfect for Yoga:The mat is ideal for any type of yoga 

Bally total Fitness Easy Grip Hand Weight Strengthens biceps and triceps Tone hips, thighs and calves Burn extra calories while aerobic conditioning Sleek neoprene exterior is discrete and comfortable Soft terrycloth interior absorbs moisture and is non-abrasive on your skin

Renew Non Slip Yoga Socks will fit women's shoe sizes 5-10 and men's shoe size 4-9

 The Perfect Yoga tote for those on the go ! This is the perfect yoga bag for commuters. It's spacious enough to fit even an extra-thick mat, and has an exterior zipper front pocket that's great for stashing keys, a metro card, and your phone. This tote also comes equipped with an adjustable carry strap.

The Perfect Yoga tote for those on the go !


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