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Foscarini By Diesel Collection - Small Cage Pendant, White

DIESEL FOSCARINI - CAGE Inspired by the lamps of miners and workers, Cage is enclosed by a metal cage which here becomes a decorative element and the name of the lamp. The contrast between the glossy surface of the blown glass diffuser and the hand-crafted steel external cage makes Cage unique. A strong design concept, Cage is a complete collection with floor, suspension and table lamp versions. In the floor lamp version Cage is available with a glamour white or fashion black diffuser to which a black or white metal cage is applied to achieve a total of four different colour variants. Its light source is what lends Cage its dual soul. When it is turned off the colour of the glass is in block and the glossy surface reflects the geometric shapes of the cage, when it is turned on, the reflected effect disappears and the colour of the glass becomes warmer. In the Cage suspension version, an original metallic mirror finish bronze version with a brown cage is available as well as the white and black versions. While Cage’s black and white versions also suffuse spaces with a soft glow, the bronze diffuser retains its mirror effect and deflects the light, reflecting it totally downwards with its opaque white inner surface. It is available in two sizes which are especially suitable for group compositions. Like a real building site lamp, the practical Cage table lamp can be hung, moved or placed on any surface or on the floor or it can be used as a quirky desk lamp. With its chromed support, Cage Mic looks a little like a slightly retro microphone. Cage Rocket, on the other hand, resembles a little rocket ready for launching with its tripod base made of the same material as the metal cage. DESCRIPTION Suspension lamp with diffused and direct down light. Hand-blown glass diffuser with glossy finish housed in a cage made of hand-welded steel rod and steel mount, both coated with epoxy powder paint, with Diesel logo in relief at the base of the cage. In the black version, the glass undergoes a colouring process with external liquid painting. Especially for the brown / bronze version, the cage is powder coated in matt brown and finished with hand-brushed bronze colour paint to emphasise the vintage effect. The hand-blown glass, with a glossy finish, first undergoes a coat of clear varnish, it then undergoes “vacuum metallizing”, and last a further coat of glossy bronze block coloured paint. These processes make the glass reflective like metal with a completely screening effect, which makes the colour of the diffuser remain the same whether the lamp is on or off. The interior of the white glass is sand-blasted by hand to increase the intensity of the down light and prevent glare. The rod of the mount and the ceiling flange are made of chromed metal; the rod features a further coat of paint which matches the colour of the cage with gradual shading from the middle of the rod to the start of the cage (in black paint for the black or brown cage, white for the white cage). Fitted with a stainless steel suspension cable and a transparent electrical cable. Solutions for electric decentralisation available, and for the small version, multiple canopies for compositions of up to 6 lamps. MATERIAL Laquered blown glass, coated steel and chromed metal COLORS White / White, White / Black, Black / White, Black / Black, Brown / Bronze PARAMETERS CAGE LARGE Weight: net kg: 4,50 Bulbs: Halogen/LED retrofit 105W E27 Compact fluorescent/LED retrofit 20W E27 PARAMETERS CAGE SMALL Weight: net kg: 3,00 Bulbs: Halogen/LED retrofit 105W E27 Compact Fluorescent/LED retrofit 20W E27 DESIGN Diesel Creative Team


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