Foscarini Diesel Pett Table Lamp Fuchsia 120V

Diesel Pett Table Lamp Information: A strange winged animal alights on your desk or next to your bed, transmitting shades of atavism, but still rock: The Diesel Pett has arrived. Its diffuser evokes the wings of a bat, the roof of a Gothic building or the atmosphere of a dark-natured comic book. Friendly, yet holding an expression of cutting wickedness, emphasised by the spikiness, by the veining in relief, the striped rubber feet and the interplay between the opaque and shining surfaces, in dark, technological shades. The Diesel Pett table lamp for Foscarini is an irresistible amusing cult object for new generations, an original expression of contemporary pop culture, accessible to all, to be exploited in total freedom – as a faithful room mate or unconventional gift idea. THe Diesel Pett table lamp is designed by Diesel Creative Team for Foscarini. Foscarini was established in 1981 in Venice Italy. Foscarini Lighting started with the opportunity offered by its traditional Murano glass lamp skills. Over the years Foscarini lighting has pushed the development and use of new materials. Foscarini has achieved this through the relationship and works of Marc Sadler, Ferruccio Laviani, Patricia Urquiola, Rodolfo Dordoni, Valerio Bottin and other designers. Foscarini has built its reputation as the fashion light brand. The Foscarini collection includes classics like, Caboche, Lumiere, Havana, Orbital, Tite, Cross, Tress, Gregg, Big Bang, Twiggy and many more. Diesel Pett Table Lamp is Made in Italy


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