Fubbles Musical Bubble Recorder. Teach Musical Skills at a young age

  • Ages 2 and up
  • Includes 2 fl oz of bubbles
  • Teaches Musical Skills
  • The holes work just like a real recorder


The Fubbles® Musical Bubble Recorder combines bubble fun with music, the perfect way to engage beginner bubblers' aural and tactile senses! The Bubble Recorder plays four musical notes - the holes work just like a real recorder! Dip the end of the recorder in bubble solution and blow through the mouthpiece to launch a stream of bubbles into the air. Cover the holes all at once or one at a time to play different notes! This easy-to-do design helps beginners develop hand-eye coordination, music skills, and finger dexterity. Includes 2 fl oz of bubble solution and dip tray. Ages 2 and up.


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