Grass Shot Refill Kit (Covers 700 sq. ft.) - 2 lbs. Seed Blend & 2 Bottles of Green Liquid Formula

  • Grass Shot Refill Kit includes: 2 lbs. Seed Blend,
  • Revitalize your lawn with this effective sprayable
  • Grass Shot is the fast, effortless way to spray on
  • Grass Shot’s thick grass foam makes sure seeds att
  • Gives you a lawn that grows fast, thick, and full


Two pounds of our Grass Shot seed blend and four ounces of our proprietary, hydrating Grass Shot "Green Liquid" formula. It's great for pet burn spots, high traffic areas and shady areas. This refill kit will cover up to 700 square feet. It is the ultimate home hydro-seeding system!


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