Halloween Spider Airwalkers Large 34" Mylar Balloon

  • 34 inch spider body
  • Fill with Helium and watch it float
  • Instructions included
  • Fun for the whole family!


The BALLOON part is approx 34 inches... the legs are very long FRINGE GARLAND and they are included and easily attached with enclosed tabs... the balloon needs to be inflated with helium in order to float. If it is filled with helium and the legs are attached then you can leave it loose in the party room or foyer indoors and it will stand up straight on its legs as shown in the photo... it will move around a little with the movement of the room and people.If you want to use it outdoors you will need to add something to weigh it down and keep it from flying off. Note: if you have a way to suspend it from the ceiling , maybe with fishing line and tape then you can fill the balloon with air instead of helium. There are very simple instructions inside the package.


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