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HD Smart Ear - Digital Hearing Amplifier to Aid Hearing - Lasts up 500 hours per battery

To put on your hearing aid, simply hook it behind the ear you want to wear it in, as you would the arm of a pair of eyeglasses. Slide Ear Tip Into Ear After your hearing aid is hooked behind your ear, gently slide the white, mushroom-shaped ear tip into your chosen ear. If the ear tip is facing away from your ear, you'll need to flip the hearing aid over, as that indicates that it's been put on upside down. Do not force the white tip into your ear any further than it will go comfortably—it should be resting against the outside of your ear's inner hole, as opposed to being jammed inside. Customize Sound Settings Once you've gone through the first two steps above, you'll need to turn your hearing aid on by using the power button behind your ear. You'll then be able to choose between four different sound settings based on the environment you're in. To cycle through these, just use the other buttons on the back of the aid. If you need help, consult the included instruction manual. Hear With Clarity After you've chosen a sound setting that suits you, you'll be able to hear virtually anything, such as conversations, nature sounds, and music with acute clarity. Keep in mind, however, that you may need to change your aid's sound settings when you change environments. You might need to turn the aid up when you walk into a crowded public place full of people talking, while the lowest sound setting may enable you to hear everything in your quiet backyard. Features Battery Operated Each HD Smart Ear is battery operated, so you won't be restricted to areas with electrical outlets while you're wearing it. You'll also receive three extra batteries with each aid, and each battery has a long life, so you won't run out quickly. For Either Ear This hearing aid can be worn on either ear, so you can wear it on the ear that you have the most difficulty with or move it between the two.


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