Home Innovations 10' X 10' Perfect Large Size Pop Up Canopy Tent Beige Green

  • Ideal for sporting events, summer camps, and more
  • Provides relief and shade from the sun's hot rays
  • Measures 10' x 10'- large size is ideal for all!


When you and your family are outside for events or parties, the sun can oftentimes be extremely draining and tiring. An easily assembled pop-up canopy tent is just what you need to shield yourself and get some relief from the hot sun. This pop-up canopy tent measures 10 feet by 10 feet, making is the perfect large size for big events and parties. This is especially ideal for summer camps where everyone is outside all day long. The tent stands tall enough so that you do not need to duck too far down to go underneath. After you are done for the day, the tent is easily put away in a nifty carrying case so that you will not have to frustrate yourself with it.


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