i-COOL Hot Flash Relief Cloths, 30 Count



A breakthrough product that helps you take control of your hot flash from the moment you feel it coming on. Our specially formulated blend of organic compounds gently cools the skin on contact and contains essential oils that provide an overall calming sensation. The premium cloths are alcohol free so they will not burn or irritate your skin. Convenient, purse-sized packs make it possible for you to take control discreetly while on-the-go. 2 reclosable packages of 15 cloths each. At the first sign of an oncoming hot flash, take three long, slow, deep breaths of the aroma. Then, gently press cloth on face, neck and chest to cool and remove any signs of perspiration. Take additional deep breaths and continue to press over the skin as needed. Discard after use. Made in USA. * Size/Count 30.0 ea * Provides an overall calming sensation * Safe for use on face, neck and chest. Non-irritating, texturized cloths. * For sensitive skin, dermatologist tested * Paraben-free


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