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Infiniti Cleaner Starter Set - Wet and Dry Mop w/ Cartridge, Lavender

Infiniti Clean Starter Set $34.99 + Free Shipping The Infiniti Cleaner Starter Set includes the patented Cleaning Cartridge System that provides both a Wet and Dry quick cleaning method for your floors. The Starter Set also INCLUDES OVER $12.99 IN BONUS ITEMS! Each Infiniti Cleaner comes with the equivalent of 24, 4-inch cleaning pads contained on 1 long continuous Cleaning Cartridge roll. Dirt and Debris are tramped on the inside, so you don't have to touch or handle single use dirty pads. A 450ML Bottle of Unscented Floor Cleaner also comes with each Infiniti Cleaner ready to use. Infiniti Floor Cleaner Refills are available in Lemon, Lavender and Unscented versions. Infiniti Cleaning Cartridge Refills come 2 Per Pack. The INFINITI CLEANER features both a WET and DRY quick cleaning system for your floors. INCLUDES OVER $12.99 IN BONUS ITEMS: * Reusable 450 ML Cleaning Solution Bottle * A Cleaning Brush that helps remove scuff marks and other debris stuck to floors * 2 Non-Scratch Scrub Pads provide extra cleaning power to the base unit * 450 ML's of Infiniti Unscented Floor Cleaner ready to use * Cleaning Cartridge equivalent to 24 [4-inch] cleaning pads on 1 long continuous roll The Infiniti Cleaner uses a unique Cleaning Cartridge System that keeps cleaning while your hands keep clean. Dirt and Debris are trapped on the inside of the front Cleaning Cartridge. You'll never have to touch or handle "who knows what" type of dirt, debris or germs that were just collected from a dirty bathroom or kitchen floor ! The large cleaning surface area of 9" x 6" on the base unit helps clean more space faster, and is larger than other leading brands that measure only 4 inches in depth. Advance the Cleaning Cartridge in less than 10 Seconds. Simply raise the rear lid to unlock the inner gearing system, turn the Dial to advance the Cleaning Cartridge fabric; close the rear lid and turn the Dial a half turn to remove any slack before cleaning. Ok, maybe only 5 seconds once you're use to it. Fits and cleans easily under cabinets, around corners, and along walls and tight corners. Hand Trigger and 2 Spray Nozzles on the base unit dispense floor cleaning solution as needed to floors. Infiniti Floor Cleaners help dissolve dirt and grime, no need to rinse. Allow floors to completely dry before walking on them. Infiniti Floor Cleaner Refills come in 2 Liter Bottles and are available in Lemon, Lavender and Unscented versions. Infiniti 2 Pack Cleaning Cartridge Refills come 2 units per pack. Each Cartridge refill is equivalent to 24, 4-inch cleaning pads on 1 long continuous roll. The equivalent of 48 cleaning pads in total. Infiniti Cleaning Cartridges feature a proprietary blend of non-woven polyester and viscose fabrics in order to better collect and hold dust, dirt and debris, along with various types of liquid spills and or Infiniti Floor Cleaning Solution that helps remove dirt and grime.


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