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June Julien Facial Pore Cleanser - Blackhead Remover Vacuum Acne Extractor Kit

June Julien Blackhead Remover Electric Vacuum Suction Blackhead Extractor Adopt high technology and vacuum extraction to help you remove blackhead , acne, exfoliate dead skin, and treatment for the sagging skin and wrinkle, skin rejuvenation, and control melanin forming, keep your skin gentle and smooth, more young and full of vitality. 5 Adjustable Suction Levels Level 1 for sensitive skin Level 2 for dry skin Level 3 for natural skin Level 4 for oily skin Level 5 for mixed skin 4 Muiti-functional Suction Probes Small circular hole head with gentle suction is suitable for sensitive skin area. large circular hole head with strong suction is perfect for T zone to remove stubborn blackhead, whitehead. Oval hole head with micro pulling effect that smooths areas with fine lines including corners of eyes and mouths. Dead skin exfoliation head with high adsorption for exfoliating keratin and dead skin. Using Method Step 1: Replace different suction heads according to your needs. Step 2: Please use hot towel or steamer for about 5 minutes to open the pore. Step 3: Move the blackhead cleanser back and forth around the pore, do not leave it on the same pore in case of skin bruise. Step 4: After washing your face, please use ice towel or cold water to shrink pores. Warm Tips Do not use it over 5 minutes a time to prevent from skin damage. Do not stay on one place too long to prevent from purple and red skin. Do not use it if your skin is broken and damaged. Dry skin use it once a week, oily and mixed skin use it twice a week. Do not wash the blackhead remover body, it is not waterproof. It is normal that your skin will be a little red after using, the red will disappear in 5~10 minutes.


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