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Kangaroo Home Security Motion Sensor

Meet the Kangaroo Motion Sensor: a simple device that helps you keep tabs on your life. Monitor when your kids get home from school (or make sure your teens are making curfew), get alerted if your roommate is snooping around your closet, secure your entire home when you're out of town -- if you've got WiFi and a smartphone, we've got you covered. One Motion Sensor, the Kangaroo Security app and your choice of monitoring plan -- Kangaroo Basic (free!) or Kangaroo Complete -- are all you need to get started. But feel free to build out your perfect system from there! No matter how many Kangaroo devices you add to your plan, your rates will never jump. Setup takes just a minute or two, and requires no installation. Simply follow the step-by-step guide once you download the app, peel-and-stick your sensor, and you're done! Batteries are even included. That's what we like to call hardhat-and-headache-free security for all. Security for families. You worked hard for your home -- don't work so hard to protect it. Pair as many Kangaroo Motion Sensors as you need to cover your entire house, plus add on any of our other products to customize your perfect system. Security for roomies. Just because you share your space, doesn't mean you have to share your stuff. The Kangaroo Motion Sensor is a simple way to make sure your "Me Space" stays that way, even if you're sharing the rest of your home. Security for small spaces. Small things can become a big deal when they fall into the wrong hands! Keep tabs on your sensitive spaces like safes, medicine cabinets, secret drawers or even just your snack stash with our Motion Sensor! Super Simple Setup Kangaroo is about protecting your stuff and your sanity. We'll never force you into a monitoring contract or send a strange man in a van to your home to install your system. Simply download our app, follow the interactive guide, peel and stick! Batteries are included, so you'll be ready to go within minutes. Word on the street: "Installation is a breeze, and didn't have any problems." "Easy setup and sends a notification within seconds of activity." "They work perfectly and are SUPER easy to set up and use." "The instructions are very easy to follow. I bought it for my not so tech savvy elderly mother." Pet Parent Approved It's all fun and games until Fluffy starts triggering the false alarms. That's why we created a Pet Parent setup with your furry family in mind. Simply select that you're a Pet Parent when you being the setup process in the app, and follow the specific instructions. You'll have a secure home that your pets can roam freely. The reviews are in: "We have two 50lb Australian Shepherds - we simply followed the included instructions for mounting when there are pets in the household. The sensors work great and we have had no pet triggers." "These are great. I had trouble with my large dogs setting off our other sensors and needed something new. I can put this wherever I want and just download the app and it's instantly working." User-Friendly App Can a security app make you happy? We like to think so. That's why we dedicate as much time and energy to creating a fun, accessible app as we do to designing our products. With friendly illustrations, a simple user experience, direct customer support and constant feature updates, we might even go as far as to say it **gasp** sparks joy! Have you heard the gossip: "The fact that you can use an app on your phone to activate and monitor is wonderful." "The app is super simple (in a good way) and modern." "Love the product and the app!"


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