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Kingsford Natural Lump Briquettes with Mesquite Hardwood Flavor, 10.6 lb

Kingsford Products lump briquettes are great for both grills & smokers. The briquettes are 100% natural to help eliminate toxins in smoke. Lump briquettes reach a high heat for faster grilling time & burn longer for longer lasting briquettes. Enjoy delicious dishes by adding these Kingsford Lump Charcoal Briquettes with Mesquite Hardwood Flavor to the grill. They come in handy for serving large crowds, neighborhood barbecue events and other big parties. These Kingsford lump briquettes come in a bag contains 10.6 lbs of specially prepared charcoals that can cook hotter and a lot longer. Use them to eliminate the hassle of having to refill your grill. These briquettes are made of 100 percent natural content to provide consistent heat and add a real mesquite hardwood flavor to your cookout. Use them when cooking beef, chicken, pork, fish or vegetables. They also help enhance your favorite food's by sealing in flavor. Use these natural lump charcoal briquettes in both your smoker or griller. Add them to your cookout supplies to make your outdoor barbecues smell wonderful and taste delicious. Kingsford Lump Charcoal Briquettes with Mesquite Hardwood Flavor, 10.6 lbs: One 10.6 lb bag of natural lump charcoal briquettes with a mesquite hardwood flavor Adds big hardwood Mesquite flavor to every cookout Cooks longer and hotter than briquettes Use in both your grill and smoker Longer burn time and higher heat enhances and sears in flavor Use for grilling beef, chicken, pork or vegetables Large bag of Kingsford lump briquettes holds enough for hosting parties and other large events Can be prepared using either the chimney lighting method or the lighter fluid method


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