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Magic Bax Earring Lifters - 2 Pairs (1 Pair Sterling Silver Plated & 1 Pair 18K Gold Plated)

Magic Bax Earring Lifters Safely & Comfortably Secure Earrings with Confidence If you notice your earrings not sitting upright where they should, you need Magic Bax. The must-have beauty break through that safely secures your earring to your ear lobe, lifting them to make them look better. You’ll feel more beautiful and more confident. Just replace any earring back with Magic Bax. Simply slide Magic Bax onto any earring post and notice how your earring sits more upright, feels more secure, and looks more beautiful. Select your Magic Bax Choose from our selection of Gold, Sterling Silver, and Platinum that best compliment your earrings. To place, hold from the back tabs and make sure the heart is facing upwards. Slide onto post Slide the post of your earring into the opening on the Magic Bax as you would with any earring back. Tighten or loosen as needed to fit your earring. Wear with confidence With your earrings lifted and more secure, you will feel more beautiful and more confident. Adjust Magic Bax (if needed) If too tight, place on a flat surface and insert a credit card, or even your fingernail, between the two backing clips to loosen the clutch. If too loose, pinch the backing clips together to tighten the fit. If further tightening is required, you can use needle-nose pliers very gently. Bad Piercings Have a bad piercing or torn ear lobe? Magic Bax can help your earrings sit up right where they should. Stretched Lobes Magic Bax also helps improve the look of stretched lobes by making your earrings sit up right where they should. Heavy Earrings Longer earrings looks great but are sometimes much heavier. Magic Bax helps your earrings instantly stay more upright and more secure. Your Favorite Pair Because Magic Bax fits on any earring post, you can use them on any pair of earrings to position them perfectly in place.


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