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Ontel Turbo Pump Automatic Liquid Transfer Pump

Ontel Turbo Pump Automatic Liquid Transfer Pump Introducing Turbo pump the automatic, cordless- powered liquid transfer pump that makes transferring gas, water and other liquids fast and easy. Just secure the hands-free clip and switch it on to transfer any liquid, quickly and easily. Turbo pump's convenient auto-stop sensor stops and Beeps when it detects a full tank, preventing spillovers! The secret is the Turbo syphon technology that pumps all the liquid down to the last drop! The powerful suction impeller pumps liquids at a speedy 2. 5 gallons per minute. Turbo pump is cordless, lightweight, and portable - Use it anywhere. Turbo pump is great for cars, boats, lawn equipment, generators, winterizing, clogged drains, aquariums and more! CORDLESS WATER PUMP: Automatic, cordless powered, liquid transfer pump that easily lets you move liquids! It takes the hassle out of filling gas tanks, refilling windshield fluid and more with no more spillovers! OIL FUEL TRANSFER PUMP: Secure the hands-free clip & switch it on to easily transfer gas, water, & oil. Features auto stop sensor that stops the pumping & beeps when it detects a full tank. Transfers a gallon of liquid in less than 20 seconds. EASY SIPHON PUMP: Turbo Pump does the siphoning for you, making it perfect for filling lawn mowers, yard tools, snow blowers, boats, generators, & more. And it's great for indoor jobs too! Drain clogged sinks or tubs in just seconds AS SEEN ON TV: Ontel Products are composed of many individual brands each serving customers in different ways. Try a variety of products from some of our brands like Pillow Pets, Miracle Socks, Iron Gym, Miracle Bamboo Cushion, Dream Tents, & more. INNOVATIVE WITH ONTEL: Since 1994, we’ve been developing, marketing, & distributing some of the most innovative consumer products on the market. From toys, to fitness equipment & household items, we love bringing new ideas into the world.


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