Peak 3-piece Microfiber Car Detailing Set Scrubbing Towel Removes Sap Bugs Grime

  • 3-step car detailing set, 3 different towels
  • Dries without lint-buildup
  • Scrubbing towel removes sap, bugs, and grime
  • 3 different towels


Peak 3-Piece Microfiber Car Detailing Set

This detailing set gives you the tools you need to clean, dry and polish your vehicle, while ensuring you are not going to damage your car’s finish. Use the wash and scrubbing cloth to clean and remove even the toughest dirt from your vehicle. Then, grab the drying towel to dry you’re your car lint-free. Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you polish your vehicle with the polishing towel and your favorite wax. Includes: (1) 12 X 12 Wash / Scrub Towel - Helps Remove Bugs, Tree Sap and Grime. (1) 16 X 16 Drying Towel - Dries Lint-Free. (1) 12 X 16 Polishing Towel- Leaves Your Car Polished & Lint-Free.


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