Perfect Punch Accessory Hole Puncher

  • Revolving head with five popular sizes
  • Punch holes on watch strap, bags, and more
  • Adds new snaps in seconds
  • Easy to use


Home Innovations Perfect Punch Ideal For Making Holes In Leather Bags, Belts, Plastic, Canvas, Fabric Plus More. It also comes with revoloving head with five popular sizes. It adds new snaps in seconds, Its very ideal for making holes in leather bags & belt, plastic, watch bands even vinyl and more! it is easy to use. comes with Bonus Eyelets & Snap Fasteners. * Revolving head with 5 popular sizes * Adds new snaps in seconds * Ideal for making holes in leather bags, belts, plastic and watch bands * Easy to use * Add eyelets to your sneakers


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