Proline Duck Commander Boot Tray

  • Perfect For Truck
  • Perfect For Entry Way
  • Perfect For Back of Truck
  • Durable material


ThProline Duck Commander Boot Tray is perfect for any entryway into your home, and can be easily moved. Never again will you have to tirelessly clean your floors from mud, snow, and dirt debris from shoes and boots. Once the tray gets dirty, all you have to do is hose it off, or run water over it in the sink and it will look good as new! The design of the boot tray is sturdy and will be able to hold up throughout the seasons. It is also perfect for spills, pet food, gardening, painting, pet bowls, arts and crafts, and more. Boot trays are also ideal for the summer months when children are constantly running in and out of the house.

. Perferct for Truck, Entry Way, Back of Truck, Porch


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