See-Through Envelope Transparency Spray- Suspect Envelope Inspector

  • Use to inspect strange or suspect envelopes
  • Simply spray and observe the contents
  • Leave no damage and will not cause ink to run


This special spray by Mistral Security is a transparency spray used to inspect the contents of strange, foreign, or suspect envelopes and documents. It is a clear liquid that is non-conductive, CFC free, and is environmentally friendly. Whenever you receive a strange piece of mail, simply spray the envelope or document from a distance of 4 inches, getting the document wet. Afterward, observe the contents of the envelope or document. After the document or envelope dries, you do not have to worry about this spray leaving any traces or marks on the envelope. Also, ink or address markings will not be damaged. This see-through spray is a perfect addition for crime scene forensic investigators or for use in security facilities and even correctional institutions. Each can contains 200 mL of see-through transparency spray.


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