Signable Canvas - Graduation Plaque Design - 12"x12"

  • Perfect for Graduations
  • Decorative possibilities are endless
  • Signable Canvas
  • 12" L x 12" H x 1.5" W
  • Marker and hanging hardware included


Canvas Kudos are designed to be signed, personalized, and then displayed on a shelf, a wall, or just about anywhere. A keepsake for all occasions where people are gathered and you want to remember the occasion. Think of it as a "Year Book" on canvas! So, whether it's a Graduation, birthday, a wedding, or a new baby that you're celebrating, just take along your favorite Canvas Kudos design. Celebrate the Graduation with the Graduation Plaque Design. Perfect for family gatherings during the Graduation for classmates to sign, or as a special gift for friends or neighbors. Remember you can add personal touches by using your favorite crafts such as stickers, glitter and/or ribbon then display on a desk, wall or shelf. Your options are endless! Marker and hanging hardware included.


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