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Spark Innovators Go Warmer - Rechargeable Personal Heater That Goes Anywhere!

Just one charge and the Go Warmer keeps you toasty for up to 8 hours, giving you and the family comfort all day long! Disposable hand warmers don't last and the cost of constantly replacing them is outrageous. Go Warmer has powerful lithium ion technology that puts instant heat right at your fingertips. It's like putting a portable heater right inside your jacket! Go Warmer heats up in seconds and stays hot so you can stay comfy when you just go outside to walk the dog or fishing all day long! It has dual-sided heating to warm both hands at the same time and you control the comfort — Low, Medium or High, up to 120°! Get a free upgrade to the deluxe version with a built-in power bank to charge any USB device! Heats In Seconds Powerful lithium ion technology provides heat in just seconds Adjustable Heat Settings Three comfort control settings — Low, Medium or High, up to 120° Dual Sided Heat Dual-sided heating warms both hands at the same time, even through your gloves Doubles As A Power Bank Built-in power bank charges any USB device so you can stay connected!


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