SteamOne 500-1600W Personal Garment Steamer w/Adjustable Power Setting

  • Adjustable power settings from 500 - 1600W
  • Choose the amount of steam you need
  • Stainless aluminum boiler
  • the cord is (16.4 feet) for added convenience


The brainchild of French fashion designers, SteamOne is powerful enough for heavy denim but gentle enough for the most delicate fabrics including: silk, muslin, cotton, linen, embroidery and wool. It quickly removes creases and wrinkles without scorching or leaving press marks. The high quality stainless aluminum boiler heats water to 300 degrees F in one minute and the aluminum sole plate maintains even heat. There is no pumping system and that means that there is no dripping or sputtering while steaming. Uses regular tap water and features an easy to use anti-calcification system. 300 degree steam is an extremely effective sterilizing agent that can eliminate some allergens, so is perfect for the following household applications: overstuffed furniture, bedding, table linens, curtains, rugs & carpets, pet beds and stuffed animals.


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