Stereo Boombox Cocktail Bar Set with Flask, Shot Glasses & Travel Case

  • Travel/Storage Drinking Case
  • Retro Stereo Boombox Design
  • The case measures approximately 8.5x6x2.5in
  • Holds two shot glasses and flask inside
  • Case wrapped in leather


Bring back the era of the stereo boombox and the cassette player with this cocktail set from Wild Eye Designs. The travel/storage case is designed to look like an old school player, complete with all the dials and equalizer painted on it. There's even a cassette painted onto the front of the box. Inside, there are a pair of shot glasses, a small stainless steel funnel, and a 7oz stainless steel flask. The flask has been wrapped in leather, and designed to look like a walkman.


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