SureThik Hair Thickening Fibers Starter Kit 30g, Light Blonde

Simply Spray On For Instant Results Benefits Of Our Applicator Choose your nozzle depending on how much coverage you need and where you need it. As simple as point and squeeze. All it takes is a few pumps and you’re done. Gravity based design ensures even and consistent flow right down to the last fiber. Disperses the fibers evenly while blending into your own hair perfectly for natural looking coverage every time. Thicker and fuller looking hair in just seconds Lightweight fibers bond to your existing hair seamlessly Fibers look, feel and style naturally Proprietary formula locks in color Exclusive long-lasting formula is sweat, wind and rain resistant. Perfect product for men and women suffering from hair loss by eliminating the appearance of baldness instantly, can be washed out with shampoo Completely safe to use as it is made from the same keratin protein as natural growing hair Instead of a colored spray, it is made up of microscopic fibers that bond to existing hair, creating a matte, wind-resistant finish Instantly rebuilds your hair 100% organic keratin fibers Makes hair appear thicker instantly


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