Tac Hawk X1000 Tactical Lantern Military Tough 1000 Lumen's of Light/ Outdoor Lanterns

  • 2X Brighter Than Ordinary Lantern
  • Magnetic Locks to metal
  • LED last more than 10000 Hours


This Tac Hawk X1000 lantern is 2x brighter than ordinary lanterns. It is easy to use- just slide open to adjust the brightness from dim to super bright 360 LED illumination. Magnetic base holds tight to any metal surface. Stainless steel handle and plastic cover resistant to water. Waterproof. High-quality LEDs make it safe, durable and energy efficient. Lasts more than 10000 hours. Great for power outages, outdoor activities, roadside emergencies, and walking the dog at night. Be prepared for any situation.


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