Thairapy 365 Thermal Straightening Brush -Red with Digital Display

  • Straighten Hair Faster
  • Digital LCD Temperature Display
  • Anti-Static Ceramic Bristles
  • digital display
  • easier to straighten hair


Straightening hair is now as effortless as using a brush. Gently overcome curly, wavy, frizzy, and flyaway hair with the future of straightening technology. Digital temperature display ensures the precise heat is applied to your hair type, while the silicone-tipped, antistatic ceramic bristles leave your hair sleek, shiny, and smooth. This revolutionary brush will change the way your straighten hair forever! On dry hair, take a section and run straightening brush from roots to ends with a slow downward motion. Ensure the section of hair penetrates deep into the bristles of the brush. Brushing at a slow pace will ensure the correct amount of heat is absorbed throughout the section, making it easier to straighten. Thairapy 365 Thermal Straightening Red Brush with Digital Display


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