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Tribest - Solostar II Convertible Single Auger Horizontal Juicer

  • Low RPM single auger juicer
  • Dual-Stage juice extraction
  • Housing is 100% BPA free


The Tribest Solo Star 3 C Juicer model number SS-9113C-B comes with an easy to use Z Star manual juicer base. You can remove the juicing auger assembly from the Tribest Solo Star electric motor base and attach it to the Z Star manual juicer base. This gives you more juicing options. Use the Tribest Solo Star manual hand crank juicer for juicing when the power is out or for juicingn when you want to juice with an even slower rotation for very gentle juicing. This Tribest Solo Star manual juicer is great for taking with you while camping. The Tribest Solo Star 3C model was designed so the Auger and housing will fit both the Tribest Solo Star 3C motor base and the Z Star base. You get the Z Star base free with this latest version of the Tribest Solo Star 3C model. The main housing parts on the Tribest Solo Star 3C are BPA free and comes in a stylish black color with gold trim. The carrying handle is built into the top of the Tribest Solo Star 3C. Auger: The Tribest Solo Star 3C juicer auger is extremely strong and made from Ultem plastic which is virtually BPA free. Ultem plastic is 8 times stronger than other plastics used in non Ultem juicer augers. The auger turns at a slow 80 RPM. This reduces foam and prevents heat from building in your juice. The large auger of the Trwill no oxidize your juice and the juice retains its vital nutrients.


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