• E - Everyone
  • Mild Blood
  • 30 different challenges


Of the same species as Emergency Room, Vet Emergency, and other successful interactive dramas from Legacy Interactive, Zoo Vet puts players in the role of the title professional and challenges them to aid a virtual menagerie of ailing exotic animals. In the course of play, virtual vets will care for as many as two dozen different kinds of animals, including chimps, elephants, gorillas, hippos, kangaroos, lions, otters, pandas, penguins, zebras, and many others. Ailments range from minor to extreme, and the player must determine the method and urgency of the treatment in each case. Some animals may just need a little extra attention, while others may require surgery. Successful treatment leads to promotions and unlocks additional game content. There are 30 different challenges in all, each one designed by a practicing veterinarian. Three levels of difficulty are intended to accommodate casual players and animal lovers, aspiring zoologists, and actual professionals seeking some entertaining, interactive exercise.


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