Home Innovations Electronic Outdoor/Indoor Bug Zapper

  • No Odor
  • No Mess
  • No Chemicals
  • Covers up to 320 square feet


Home Innovations Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper will eradicate those flying insects, mosquitoes, and annoying bugs from your domain! Ideal for indoor use with an effective area of approximately 350 square feet, you can get rid of those bugs without resorting to harsh chemicals or flyswatters. This indoor bug zapper terminates mosquitoes and other flying nuisances before they can bite you or buzz around your ears. A bright blue light bulb attracts curious bugs to enter the zapper where they'll meet their fate with a quick jolt of electricity. The zapping action won't cause a mess and is far less destructive to your house than using a baseball bat. The zapper consumes little electricity, helping keep home energy costs low. We have even included a handy cleaning brush to take care of those dead pests when the job is done!


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