Humidew CYLA - White

Humidity, Aroma… Meet CYLA


The newest addition to the Humidew family, CYLA is a combination humidifier-diffuser, similar to our DROP model. You can add your favorite essential oils directly into the water and instantly reap the benefits of aromatherapy. With its sleek and decorative look and high-capacity output, CYLA is the perfect humidifier-diffuser for a living room or bedroom.


Among its many amazing features, CYLA uses a cool mist technology to pump out moisture and change the humidity in the room. What separates the CYLA from other humidifiers is that it is made from a unique material that can stand up to oil, meaning you can add your favorite essential oils directly into the water, instead of on a foam pad that often gets covered in bacteria (like with other humidifiers on the market).

If you want to breathe clean, you need to use clean water in your humidifier. CYLA comes with a water softening and purification filter, which ensures you’re breathing in the cleanest air! CYLA also features a top-filling tank, making it easy to use.


2.0L tank with high capacity output

Easy to use top-fill tank

Water softening & purification filter

Essential oils can be added directly to the water

Coverage area: 160 sq. ft./15 sq. meters


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